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  • Does your business suffer?
  • Are you experiencing the complexity of connecting different systems?
  • Do your Points of Sale (POS) fail at peak times?
  • Is your sales promotion management poor?
  • Do you make purchases based on pure intuition?
  • Is your sales information outdated?

LS Retail is a retail solution from start to finish, originally built with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and now also available for other ERPs.

This integrated solution fully responds to all the functionalities required by the most demanding retailer without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and interfaces. Its unique use of a single application to cover absolutely all the functionalities, from Point of Sale Terminals, to store systems or any function of the central office places LS Retail on a different level from the other solutions in the market.

LS Retail is a total tool for the management team in the central office, to control and maintain data common to all stores. This includes, for example, product, customer and supplier management as well as the management of special offers and loyalty programs.

The architecture of a single application means that most functions are available at the store level, central office level, or both levels. This flexibility allows companies to configure the application according to their needs and use their competitive advantage without the need for expensive solutions developed to measure. The information of the store is automatically communicated to the central office where it is gathered in a centralized declaration for reconciliation before registration in accounting.

LS Retail includes commercialization and replenishment functionalities to help the retail business managers in the efficient management of their operation, and provides quick access to advanced multidimensional analysis, filtering utilities and pull-down information.

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