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New generation of High Availability for System i

The days when rapid data recovery – until the last transaction – was exclusive to large companies, belong to the past. At present, the immense benefits of continuity of business activity, offered by System i high availability systems, are available to companies of any size. If you are in charge of improving the disaster recovery strategy of your company and believe that you do not have the necessary budget for high availability, check again.

iTera High Availability is the most economical high availability product on the market … but if we talk about something as fundamental as high availability, low cost is not everything. The high availability system that it adopts must be robust, reliable and easy to use and must offer a fast return on investment, by reducing system downtime due to maintenance tasks. And, whatever happens, you should quickly put your company back into operation, in the event of a disaster. iTeraHA provides the best in all aspects: robustness, reliability and economy, in a proven product, with excellent references and winner of several awards.

Reliable role switching = fast Return on Investment

The user needs to have complete confidence that their highly available software will perform an automated role change with ease and accuracy. When the change is cumbersome and risky, no tests are carried out, it is not used to eliminate planned stoppages and, what is worse, when not seeing the solution acting, all confidence in its validity is lost. The intuitive and autonomous character of the role changes made with iTera, the benefits of the native use of remote diary and the training that you will receive from our experts, will enable you to carry out this critical process periodically, quickly and without risk. The result: An excellent return on your investment in high availability!

Leading the way in the field of systems autonomy

Automation not only increases reliability. It also saves time… a lot of time. Thanks to its autonomous features, iTera users only spend a few minutes a day controlling and managing their high-availability environment. From the design we incorporate autonomous auto-configuration, auto- control and self-repair. In fact, we created the first scripted automated role change process and the first automatic detection and repair of out-of-sync objects. Today, Vision Solutions has taken automatic object repair to the next level with its new Concurrent Audit Concurrent Heal (CACH) technology. This remarkable advance, currently pending patenting, discovers and corrects integrity problems in real time. data at record level. In this way, CACH eliminates the need to resynchronize entire objects after detecting out-of-synchronization problems in the data. Data integrity problems are quickly corrected, and disk I/O and bandwidth requirements are reduced. CACH is another example of iTera’s technology leadership in innovation and reliability in the world of high availability.

ITera High Availability: Highlights

Natively built on IBM’s Remote Diary technology

  • Built from its conception so that it is integrated with the technology of Diario Remoto. This eliminates user spaces, reduces vulnerability and saves unnecessary CPU cycles.
  • Integrated with our integrated high-performance pick-up / application process.

High availability with self – management and self – repair

  • Fast and easy to manage (typically 5 to 20 minutes a day)
  • The exclusive CACH technology automatically detects objects that are not synchronized and repairs them at the registration level
  • Automatic management functions ensure reliable and harmonious role changes and provide rapid start-up and training
  • Replication of new, modified and deleted objects takes place automatically

Replication of all critical objects for the system

  • Real-time replication of programs, data areas, data queues, IFS, user profiles, device configurations, spool files, triggers, restrictions, WebSphere MQ, etc.
  • Support of large objects

Quick and easy installation

  • Installation, configuration and start of replication in a matter of few hours
  • The software is automatically installed in the backup system, once installed in the production system
  • In the boot process, objects are quickly replicated across the network, reducing the need to manually save / restore

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