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Splunk collects and indexes data from almost every imaginable source, for example: network traffic, web servers, custom applications, application servers, hypervisors, GPS systems, stock market commentary, social media and structured pre-existing databases. It does not matter how they obtain the data, or the format of the same, in the same way indexes them, without the need of analysis programs or specific connectors to write or maintain.

In Splunk we talk a lot about the data of the machines, and it is because they contain a definitive record of the activity and behavior of their clients, users, transactions, applications, servers, networks, etc. By monitoring and analyzing data, from the trace of customer clicks, transactions, to network activities and call logs, Splunk transforms machine data into valuable information.

Solve problems and investigate security incidents in a matter of minutes (not hours or days). Monitor your infrastructure end-to-end to avoid degradation or interruption of your services. In addition, get real-time visibility into the experience, transactions and behavior of your client.

Nearly 6,000 customers worldwide rely on Splunk for operational intelligence of their machine data. Popular cases of Splunk use include:

  • Application management: use of Splunk to solve problems across the entire stack of the application from a single location and monitor performance degradation.
  • Security and regulatory compliance: use of Splunk to provide a rapid response to incidents, correlation and in-depth monitoring of all data sources.
  • Infrastructure management and IT operations: use of Splunk to monitor proactively and ensure uptime, and to quickly identify and resolve problems when they occur.
  • Web analysis and business analysis: use of Splunk to obtain the visibility and intelligence of clients, services and transactions, and to detect trends and patterns of behavior in real time.

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