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A flexible and easy way to manage the process of risk assessment, planning and project organization

Simplify your Audit, Risk and Compliance Projects

How do you organize your work? If you relate to most of the audit, risk and compliance teams, your daily reality involves spending too much time in building spreadsheets and working in silos. You waste a lot of time spent documenting and reviewing, instead of helping your organization meet its objectives, while managing risk and doing everything possible to collaborate with all teams.

There is a solution. Audit, Risk and Compliance Management does not have to be complex. Thinking about this problem, we have designed – a flexible and easy way to manage the risk assessment process, the planning and organization of projects, the analysis of data, the communication and the visualization of findings. HighBond is delivered from the cloud, is accessible from anywhere, secure, and does not require any IT support.

Whether your team consists of 3 or 3,000 people, HighBond helps you:

  • Improve productivity by achieving an average 25% increase in audit efficiency through automated workflows
  • Maximize return on investment by providing value-added services to the organization, while reducing documentation and review time
  • Allow rapid decision making, providing visibility to information with smart dashboards, reporting tools and share it with other departments and interested groups.
  • Collaborate and work from anywhere, since your audit data is in the cloud and available 24 × 7 for your team members
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the initial technology costs that other complex and non-cloud-based systems impose. HighBond does not require complex IT configurations or maintenance headaches – the system is automatically updated

Get knowledge about Strategic Risks

HighBond helps executives and risk managers track, evaluate, prioritize and communicate strategic risks through the management team. It provides a direct way to capture and maintain a complete view of the risks throughout the company; track the most important risks and plan audit and risk mitigation projects for the greatest impact on the business.

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