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Robust data analysis software to quickly find exceptions and extract a view of large data.

Data analysis does not have to be an arduous and manual task. The Professionals of Internal Audit, Financial Control and Compliance face the challenge of achieving objectives in a reliable manner and at the same time address the uncertainty and act with integrity. For any objective, whether to provide business insurance, improve controls, or ensure compliance, it will be difficult to draw reliable conclusions that will help the company, without analyzing the underlying data in detail.

However, analyzing data specifically for auditing, financial control and compliance is easier said than done. The main objective behind the analysis is to identify discrepancies in the data that need further investigation – this requires more sophisticated capabilities than a simple summary and aggregation. Add to this the importance of sharing, presenting and easily distributing the results of the analysis to interested parties and the search for a cash analysis solution becomes even more difficult.

Maximize the impact on the business and revolutionize your data analytics approach with  Analytics Analytics is designed to revolutionize data analysis by making it easier and faster to obtain credible results that can help to positively impact the business. With its combined strengths of processing power, specially designed analytical functionality and high usability, it is no wonder that  Analytics has a dedicated global community of more than 14,000 organizations that have been relying on their capabilities for more than 25 years.

New Benefits: Ready-to-use scripts, Productivity and Innovative Training through the Cloud Elevate your approach to data analysis with these new features, free with the Analytics subscription.


This online repository of pre-written analytical tests is a gold mine of knowledge for data analysts. Taking 25 years of best practices and creating this valuable library, so your team can save time and focus more on the results instead of the analytical process.

Results Cloud

Transmit the achievements of data analysis to stakeholders for greater collaboration, easy research and more intuitive interpretation, through beautiful charts and graphs. The results cloud helps to give a new meaning to the data through graphic visualizations.


Access a wide range of online training resources to help increase your product knowledge and experience in the field. The Academy contains two complete courses and brief episodes of specific training for interactive learning, at no additional cost.

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