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Build analysis projects and continuous monitoring of controls for improved performance of results

Analytics Exchange allows organizations to obtain actionable results based on the interpretation of data in real time helping to discover revenue recoveries, weaknesses in controls or potential fraudulent activities, while increasing the productivity of your team by up to 50% . With Analytics Exchange teams can create consistent and repeatable analysis programs where analysis results are easily visualized in meaningful and easy-to-digest views, and presented to business audiences for proactive resolution.

Save time, collaborate and share knowledge with a common platform.

In a centralized work environment, teams can establish consistent and repeatable analytical practices that analyze transactional data and minimize dependence on a single individual, thereby reducing the risk of an existing job becoming unusable due to the departure of a member of the team. This approach helps retain knowledge and maximize the resources needed to train new users, especially when faced with a demand for staff turnover.

Users can also more easily formulate thoughts, ideas and questions related to data analysis – which help achieve collaborative team efforts rather than a solitary task. The efficiency of the team is greatly improved thanks to the fact that technical and non-technical users can efficiently access, use and share the tests and results.

Maximize executive impact with knowledge in real time.

Present your business audiences with a clear view of the risks by delivering a clear picture of the findings within the organization so that management can make proactive decisions based on data.

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